Citadel of Sorcery

Citadel of Sorcery was a 3D fantasy MMORPG from MMO Magic. Players are set into the Reflected Worlds and become a Fallen Hero, and strive to save the Worlds from the evil of Morphael. CoS is aiming to be more than current MMORPGs, in that there will be no “grocery list quests”. Choice will be a major factor in how players experience the game, as will the flow of time.


Six Playable Races | Tyven, Jenemos, Verduren, Gargoyle, Waerian, and Human.

Open Class System | Players will choose their class by seeking out specific Tomes of Knowledge to learn the skills of their choice.

Two Magic Systems | One based on spells, the other based on spirits.

Unique Equipment System | Four varieties: Mundane, Magical, Soul Bound, and Monogrammed.

ClientMMO MagicServicesMassively Multiplayer Online Game DeveloperYear2014LinkCompany Closed

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